IBV Hung√°ria Lighting and Plastic Processing Kft.IBV Hung√°ria Lighting and Plastic Processing Kft. ‚Äď member of IBV Holding in Germany ‚Äď was founded in 1991 in Hungary, Kiskunf√©legyh√°za, a town with significant industrial heritage. Thanks to its dynamic development, today our company is one of the leading producers of dust- and waterproof luminaires in Europe.

One of our main activities is the production of IBV-developed industrial luminaries with higher IP-rate for fluorescent tubes or equipped with LED, in addition to manufacturing GRP-based (glass fibre reinforced polyester) products (kitchen sinks, electric cabinets and telecommunication equipment) designed in cooperation with our partners.

We have leading position on the international market of dust- and waterproof luminaries. Our company has been recognized on the market as an expert in the field of plastic processing producing excellent quality products thanks to the vast experience acquired over 25 years. More than 95% of our production volume is sold on international markets in more than 60 countries of 5 continents.

IBV Hung√°ria Lighting and PlasticFeedback from our partners on countless occasions confirms the outstanding price/performance ratio of our products we are able to offer thanks to two major factors: German technology used in combination with professional know-how of Hungarian experts.

The quality level of our products meets the requirements of European standards (ENEC) and the highest expectations of our customers. Our SAP integrated company management system gives framework to our activities, thus ensuring that we keep providing our customers with high-quality products. Our company’s quality- and environment management systems are certified and meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system as well as the ISO 14001 environment management system.


Briefly in figures:
Experience in lighting:   25 years
Product portfolio:   650 product variation
Luminaires sold:   2.3 million pieces/year
GRP processing:   5500 ton/year
Number of employees:   ~500
Built-up area:   65 000 m2