Electric connection

Wires with heat resistance of at least 105°C have to be used for electric connections and as connecting wires. They must have (depending on type) cross-sections of 1.5 to 4 mm2, and with free ends of appr. 6-9 mm. If it is requested, serial connectors fitted with safety fuses can also be installed against surges. Separate kits of trough wiring can be ordered for in-line mounting, which also provide the possibility for supply from different AC phases.
Attaching cables for connection is possible by piercing the flexible end plugs at both ends of the luminaire. For special request, cable gland with Pg 13.5 threads are also available instead of end plugs.
The luminaires with double insulation mark do not require earthing (connection with two-core wires). All the other luminaries are in the protection class "I", and they have protective earthing (three-core wires must be used to connect them). Mark indicates the earth pole; green-yellow colours indicate the wire.
Before opening the enclosure of the luminaires (replacement of lamps or starters, cleaning) electricity is always to be turned off!

In case of luminaires with dimmable ballast, it is advisable to burn-in the fluorescent tubes without any dimming first (appr. 50 hours) in order to maintain the optimal lifetime of the tubes.

Protection against mechanic shocks

The luminaires must resist the mechanic effects in normal use, and they have to remain safe to operate.
The IBV luminaries are made of high-tensile materials which meet all the requirements of the standard EN 60598. The fragile, translucent parts of the luminaires (mainly diffusers) are in conformity with the requested 0.2 Nm impact strenght of the standard; for other components 0.35 Nm.
For our waterproof battens protective tubes and protective grids are available to prevent damage of the lamps. In case of luminaires with magnetic ballasts protective tubes can only be installed with DEOS starter, or electronic ballasts have to be used!In case of covered waterproof lights, if the diffuser requires more protection against mechanic impacts, it is advisable to order them with polycarbonate (PC) diffuser.
Vandal-proof versions are offered with PC diffuser or protective tubes, metal grids and instead of plastic clips safety metal latches shall be used (V2A), which can be opened only by a special tool.

The luminaires have to be stored in covered and dry places, protected from heat!
No outdoor storage is allowed!

Methods of electric wiring and connection

All the installed electric components meet the requirements of the European standards of safety, and have certificates from at least one testing institute (CEBEC, KEMA, ÖVE, VDE, N, S, D, F, BS, IMQ, UTE ...) in the ENEC Group.
Mains voltage: 230V 50Hz (on request: 110, 127, 220, 240V 50/60Hz)

  • Low power factor (LPF) :  ≤   0,5
  • High power factor (HPF) :  ≥   0,85

The capacity values of the installed capacitors are selected according to suggestions from the producers of the ballasts. Suppression of radio interference disturbance is solved by integrating a 47 nF (0.047 µF) capacitor, or parallel capacitor.

Our low power factor (LPF) waterproof light fixtures (cos ~ 0,4-0,65) are offered for places where central compensation is provided for the network. These products also include noise trap condensers.

Our high power factor (HPF) luminaries include individual paralell capacitors for phase improvement to compensate idle electric capacity (cosφ ~ 1,0).

Our waterproof lights are available with low loss magnetic (VVG) or electronic (EVG) ballasts, these latter ones can be ordered with light intensity control (dimmable) ballasts, as well. For customer’s request we can build in safety startes. If needed, we can also install batteries and electronics in our luminaries, so that they can be used as emergency lights for the duration of 1-3 hours.