Industrial dust- and waterproof luminaires
With LED or 1 and 2 fluorescent tubes for T5 or T8 lamps.
Your main benefits: A professional waterproof light fixture for wide usage, that fulfills the strongest quality requirements.
Best price-performance ratio. Best sold model.
Full range available in T8, T5, LED, IP 65, IP66 or IP 67
LED termék: 
UNIQUE termék: 
10::Dust-tight, protected against jet water
20::Protected against jet water
13::Luminaires with this mark are suitable for direct mounting on normal flammable building materials, according to DIN 4102 or similar materials, which have an ignition temperature of at least 200°C
12::Luminaires bearing this symbol have limited surface temperature and are suitable for use in premises which are susceptible to dust and fibres
30::Protected against powerful water jets (heavy seas)
11::Dust-tight, Protected against the effects of immersion (max. of 1m), for a defined period
19::Protected against immersion (1m)
25::Glow wire test 850 °C
7::Luminaires with this symbol are protection isolated (Protection class II)
2::3 phase through wiring
3::Luminaires with emergency module
22::The product meets the valid technical requirements applied in the countries of Europe
Technical description: 

Field of application: Due to the construction principles of gasket, closing system and diffuser our waterproof light fixtures ensure a high grade of protection (IP 65, IP66 or IP 67) against dust, contamination and water permeation. In accordance with their IP grade they can be used widely to illuminate spaces with dusty, humid environment.

When using outdoors, the fittings should be protected against direct sunlight and adverse weather conditions.

Housing: It is made of flame retardant glass-fibre reinforced polyester (on request suitable for 850°C glow wire test too), in light grey (RAL7035) colour. This material has very good temperature resistance, mechanical stability, furthermore it is a good electrical insulator, it resists the impacts of several chemicals and the impacts of weather conditions. Its stability of size and shape at changing temperatures is excellent.

The diffuser is available in the following versions:
Injection moulded polycarbonate (PC).
Main advantages: high mechanical strength and high heat and shock resistance and excellent transparency.
Injection moulded Acrylic (PMMA):
Main advantages: Very good transparency (better than the transparency of glass), unique non-aging properties and chemical resistance.
Both diffusers are made with optically designed longitudinal, internal prisms and are UV resistant.

The gasket between the diffuser and housing is made of non-aging PU (polyurethane) foam. As option gasket with enhanced resistance is available.

Fixing the diffuser to the body: with highly resistant clips made of polyamide or with stainless steel clips 

Gear tray (reflector): White powder coated steel sheet. As an option glossy aluminium reflector is possible.

Electrical components: in accordance with the requested specification: LED, low power factor, high power factor or electronic control gear.

On request available as unassembled sets (without electrical components).

Technical Data: 

771-Favourite T8 T5-TD.jpg

Parameters of the mounted luminaires
  Length Width Height cubic centimeter cubic meter   pcs/pal. (truck) pal./truck pcs/pal. (cont.) pal./20ft cont. pal./40ft cont.
1x18W  683 90 72 4425,8 0,0044   220 54 200 24 48
1x36W  1295 90 72 8391,6 0,0084   110 60 100 24 54
1x58W  1595 90 72 10335,6 0,0103   110 48 100 20 42
1x70W  1858 90 72 12039,8 0,012   110 42 100 18 36
2x18W  683 116 72 5704,4 0,0057   176 54 160 24 48
2x36W  1295 116 72 10815,8 0,0108   88 60 80 24 54
2x58W  1595 116 72 13321,4 0,0133   88 48 80 20 42
2x70W  1858 116 72 15518 0,0155   88 42 80 18 36
  The parameters specified (L, W, H) are given in millimeters and identical to the external of box dimensions.
  The outer box dimensions of the T5 version are same as the dimensions of the above mentioned T8 version.