Every luminaire has a proper insulation to prevent accessible metal parts from getting under voltage. The elements, which are under voltage during operation, must be protected by an additional layer of insulation, or by a necessary cover. It means that there are measures of protection, which prevent the accessible elements from getting under voltage, even if there are some faults in the layers of insulation.
The next section presents the grades of shock protection of luminaries made by IBV Hungária Kft.
If no class is given in the type designation, it means its class is "I".

Shock Protection Class "I"(shock protection with earthing)

There are terminals in the luminaries for the protective conductor.
The mark is indicated at the place of electric connection.

In case of malfunction in the luminaire, the protective conductor takes the voltage from the metal parts, preventing the user from an eventual electric shock.

Shock Protection Class "II" (double insulation)

These products must not have accessible metal parts which may get directly under voltage in case of any malfunction (protective insulation, double insulation). The construction itself provides the double or reinforced insulation, so there is no need for protective wire (earth). That’s why appliances with double insulation must not be connected to protective wire, must not be earthed.

Mark of double insulation:   

Mounting on flammable materials

The construction of the luminaires and their bodies is made of fibreglass polyester providing a high degree of resistance against burning. They can be mounted onto any surface with normal combustibility (ignition temperature of minimum 200°C) /"F" mark/. On customer’s request production from self-extinguishing material (GWT 850°C) is also possible.
For use in rooms with extreme hazards of fire "D" marked luminaires are available.

this mark means that the luminaire can be mounted directly onto surfaces with materials of normal combustibility

"D" mark: the luminaire can be used in rooms where combustible, but not potentially explosive substances are present (e.g. hovering dust, fibres in the air) (e.g. carpenters’ workshop - sawdust in the air, mills - hovering flour in the air, feathers processing, etc.)

IBV luminaires must not be used in rooms with hazards of explosion!