Ingress Protection (IP)

Protection against dust, solid objects and moisture
(IPxx protection)

The waterproof light fixtures made by IBV Hungária Kft. have very high (IP 65) protection against dust and water, and accordingly, can be used very effectively, where protection against dust, vapour, humidity and soiling is necessary. In case of outdoor application the protection of the luminaire by a protecting roof is recommended. On customer’s request IP 67 protection grade is available.

Chemical resistance

Fibreglass reinforced polyester (GRP), the material used for producing the bodies of our waterproof light fixtures, has an excellent resistance against chemicals. However, as the resistance of other plastic components (diffusers, accessories, etc.) is rather limited, it is advisable to consult with the manufacturer before using the luminaires in special environments.

Built in components

Electric connection

Wires with heat resistance of at least 105°C have to be used for electric connections and as connecting wires. They must have (depending on type) cross-sections of 1.5 to 4 mm2, and with free ends of appr. 6-9 mm. If it is requested, serial connectors fitted with safety fuses can also be installed against surges. Separate kits of trough wiring can be ordered for in-line mounting, which also provide the possibility for supply from different AC phases.

Certification marks

Our company has an ISO 9001-2008 certificate, issued by the independent SGS Institute of Certification.
The IBV waterproof lighting fixtures can be used on environmental temperature in conformity with the Standard EN 60598.
In case of other requirements a preliminary consultation with the producer is suggested.

„CE” mark of product conformity


Every luminaire has a proper insulation to prevent accessible metal parts from getting under voltage. The elements, which are under voltage during operation, must be protected by an additional layer of insulation, or by a necessary cover. It means that there are measures of protection, which prevent the accessible elements from getting under voltage, even if there are some faults in the layers of insulation.
The next section presents the grades of shock protection of luminaries made by IBV Hungária Kft.